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Microblading is a permanent makeup technique for your brows and one of the most original techniques. Microblading is created using an individual tool and a natural pigment to replicate the illusion of natural hair strokes.
The microblading needle will finely implant featherlight strokes into the skin’s top layer, creating fine, realistic, natural hair strokes.
Here at Reverencia Tattoo Studio, we offer a service called Nano Brows, similar to microblading. However, they are longer-lasting and more suitable for oily skin types, unlike the microblading technique.
Nano brows cause less stress to the skin than microblading, as we use a digital tool; this makes the treatment much more precise and less painful than microblading.
The healing time with nano brows is much faster than microblading and can last up to 3 years, whereas microblading may only last 1-2 years before you require a color boost.
The healing process is around four weeks with nano brows. Your brows will be darker immediately after the treatment but once completely healed, they will lighten, and you will return for your top-up. We will provide you with full aftercare advice to ensure you get the complete longevity of your results.
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How to prepare for your appointment:


Cease using any skin/blood thinners (Vitamin A, glycolic acids, exfoliation) on the brow area 2 weeks prior to your appointment. 

 Cosmetic botox or fillers should be done 2 weeks prior or 2 weeks after your appointment.

You may come in with how you normally draw in your brows/bring samples of brow shapes you like to the appointment.

 We will not be able to tattoo over any blemishes, sores, and moles in or around the brow area. 

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